Newest Telemetry Books (one including a contribution by our own Larry Kuechle)

Two new fish telemetry related books are on our bookshelf here in the Sales and Support department at ATS. And they both have lots of valuable information for those of you getting started in fish telemetry, as well as for seasoned professionals. 

Here they are:

Telemetry Techniques, A User Guide for Fisheries Research. Edited by N. Adams, J. Beeman, and J. Eiler. 

  -- and...

Fisheries Techniques. Edited by A. Zale, D. Parish, and T. Sutton.

In Telemetry Technique's section 5.1, ATS’ own Larry Kuechle and Peter Kuechle (our Engineering Manager and President) authored a section called Radio Telemetry in Fresh Water: the Basics. This paper gives a complete explanation of the primary components of telemetry systems: the transmitter, receiving antenna, the receiver, and appurtenances.

Additional chapters in the book cover design of telemetry studies, transmitter attachment techniques, VHF tracking principles, and case studies. Also presented are chapters covering acoustic telemetry principles and case studies, and overall data management and analysis.

Fisheries Techniques is a broad based book used extensively by fisheries professionals and students. This third edition has been completely rewritten, but the content is similar to previous editions. A chapter is devoted to Biotelmetry and Biologging techniques.

Both are available to order from AFS’ website: