California Fish Researchers Using ATS Technology for Salmon Tracking Work

Researchers in the Central Valley from the US Bureau of Reclamation, US Geological Survey, NOAA Fisheries, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other agencies have been involved in ongoing fish movement studies in the Sacramento Delta, San Francisco Bay, and the Central Valley for many years now. ATS has been there to support these efforts as one of the primary suppliers of technology and equipment used for this research.

One study in particular taking place in the Central Valley began this last winter. ATS equipment and know-how have helped contribute to this study.  According to Josh Israel, Science Division Chief in the Bureau's Bay-Delta Office, "The technology really helps us understand movement and survival of juvenile salmon and get that information to managers effectively."

A website allows managers and stakeholders interested in salmon survival and movement to monitor ATS tagged salmon groups as they move down the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and through the Delta:, San Francisco Estuary magazine recently featured an article which included interviews with some of the researchers involved in this innovative and important work:

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         *Special thanks to Josh Israel for his contribution to this post.