New Condor Detection System Features R4500 Receiver-Datalogger

ATS has worked closely with Normandeau Associates to help integrate the highly capable R4500SD Receiver- Datalogger into a new Condor early detection system. The system, known as ReCon (Remote Condor Observation Network), provides energy facility operations centers with real-time alerts of an approaching condor.

Because condor range expansion could one day lead to interactions with renewable energy facilities, the ReCon system will help to address this concern. The system has now been fully tested and proven effective, and is available to researchers from Normandeau Associates.

This is just one example of an integrated system using the R4500 line of standard and coded receiver-dataloggers that have been deployed around the world for the study of aquatic and terrestrial animals. The R4500 is also at the heart of ATS’ system for tracking deer and fawns using coded transmitters, which is in use throughout Colorado today.

For more information on how an R4500 system can benefit your research, contact an ATS Consultant.

 Schematic of Normandeau Associates ReCon system


View of ATS model R4500SD Receiver-Datalogger used in the Condor Detection System, ReCon (pdf).