What Can You Do About Frequency Congestion?

If you are coming up short on usable frequencies in your field studies, there is an answer. At ATS we've developed a coded tracking system that will allow you to track 100’s of terrestrial animals, using the fewest frequency channels. In addition to using fewer frequencies, tracking work can be accomplished more accurately, faster, and with better range than with standard VHF tracking systems.

For many years fish researchers have used coded tagging schemes in their studies, allowing them to track thousands of fish in a compact area, such as a river. Realizing that terrestrial researchers were facing a limitation on the number of frequencies available in the spectrum, ATS engineers set out to develop a system to utilize a coded ID system to track animals on land.

At the heart of the system is ATS' proprietary coding scheme and R4520C Receiver-Datalogger, which enables the researcher to track and identify up to 25 tags sharing a single frequency. While tracking in the field, whether on the ground or in an aircraft, one is able to choose an individual animal within the group, hear only that tag, and locate it with pinpoint accuracy. This receiver features digital signal processing algorithms and so provides excellent sensitivity, allowing target detections faster and at twice the range of other receivers. 

This model is much different then the standard models that make up the R45xx series of receivers. Below is a portion of the receiver's control panel, which shows a view of the keys used to hear or silence certain transmitter ID's. Not shown is the LCD display which will show up to nine of the frequencies within range. 

The other component of the system is the VHF encoded transmitter(s). Each transmitter is assigned a discrete code, (e.g. C-31), but will be assigned the same frequency (e.g. 164.100) on up to 25 other transmitters.

If you'd like a more in depth explanation of coded tracking systems for terrestrial applications, a white paper is available on the ATS website.

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 R4520C Receiver being used in aircraft cockpit.