New Neolink Series VIT Transmitter and Fawn Collar E-mails You Alerts at Fawn's Birth and Mortality.

Our new Neolink Series consists of two new models. The first is the M3930U VIT Transmitter. VIT stands for Vaginal Implant Transmitter. This type of transmitter is expelled when the newly born fawn's mother gives birth. In its simple form, the transmitter begins beeping at a fast rate when this event happens.

However, the new Neolink configuration adds the capability for the VIT to radio-link with the doe's G2110E2 GPS Iridium Collar. Once this link is established, the Iridium collar begins transmitting data to you, the researcher, starting with notification of the birth event.

The second new model is the M4210U Expandable Fawn Collar. Like the VIT, this transmitter is also radio-linked with the doe's Iridium GPS Collar. Once the fawn is collared, its status is monitored, and you will receive alerts via e-mail. The alert types are for initialization (collar only), absence (out of radio range), birth (VIT only), and mortality (collar only).  E-mail alerts include the collar ID, alert type, time stamp, and a GPS location. The alerts will be received within 20-30 minutes of event. In addition to the e-mail alerts, all of the Neolink event data is sent to ATS' hosted website (

ATS' VIT wing design has been optimized by leading deer biologists. Our expandable fawn collar has field proven reliability, through over twelve years of use. . The typical life for the Neolink VIT Transmitter is 213 days at a 30 ppm pulse rate.The fawn collar life is 923 days at 30 ppm. Weight of the units is 28 grams, and 85 grams, respectively.

The Neolink series will help you to save your aviation budget, since overfly's of your study area are no longer needed as often. When ordering Neolink equipment, your Consultant will only need the VHF frequency range you are working in. Keep in mind that the VIT and the fawn collar need an existing or new G2110E2 Iridium/GPS Collar, to complete the system.