Everything You Need to Know About Injectable Acoustic Fish Tags

For many years engineers, designers, and biologists from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have been working on optimizing acoustic fish tag design. ATS is proud to have been involved in this endeavor and has supplied over 80,000 acoustic fish tags for the JSATS program over the last ten years. The latest advance in tag design is an injectable version (ATS model SS400) of the previous design, which was a surgically implanted tag (ATS model SS300).

For those interested in designing, purchasing, and deploying an acoustic fish tracking system, we'd like to draw your attention to two comprehensive scientific articles on the new injectable acoustic tag, which is also JSATS compatible. The articles are from the Scientific Reports section of Nature.com.

The first, An injectable acoustic transmitter for juvenile salmonwill give you complete details on the design and engineering behind the tag.

The second article is titled Comparing the survival rate of juvenile Chinook salmon migrating through hydropower systems using injectable and surgical acoustic transmitters

We think you'll find both of these articles useful when considering your study design.

Thanks to Daniel Deng, from PNNL, for bringing these articles to our attention.

Below, actual injectable transmitter shown with a scale (a), and a Computer-Aided Design model of the injectable transmitter showing the actual shape of the transmitter (b).